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Tonga Travel Guide
tonga travel guide

Our Tonga travel guide is written by seasoned travellers and complemented by a realistic collection of unique photographs and maps. We strive to give you a clear and unbiased impression of the region to help you decide what to do and most importantly, where to stay for your Tonga holiday.


Tonga travel encompasses a charming collection of 170 small islands grouped into three regions. The main island of Tongatapu, with the capital town of Nuku'alofa and international airport, is a flat coral island with pleasant coastal scenes and coconut plantations. Offshore from Tongatapu is a collection of gorgeous tiny coral islands, mostly uninhabited but a few with boutique style beach resorts. The Ha'apai Group to the north is a mix of volcanic cinder cones and coral islands with traditional fishing communities and gorgeous beaches but only a handful of guesthouses and two small resorts. Further north is the most popular tourist destination in Tonga, the enchanting Vavau Group, a collection of uplifted limestone islands and deep waterways. Vavau is the premier sailing destination in the South Pacific and a sanctuary for humpback whales which calf in the protected waters between July and October. During this peak season it's seaside town, Neiafu, is one of the liveliest in the Pacific with excellent restaurants and waterfront bars.

If you want to skip the travel facts, view our informative up-to-date Tonga Accommodation Guide. We provide an overview of all accommodation on all islands with an overview of the price you can expect to pay. We link these to a comprehensive directory of hotels with full descriptions and pictures so you can get the best online quotations or make reservations enquiries.

How The Kingdom of Tonga compares to other South Pacific destinations.

Tonga is one of the smallest island nations in thre South Pacific and tourism remains extremely low key. If you're looking to escape the fast pace of city life, crowds and commercial tourism, then this charming South Seas kingdom is hard to beat. However, don't expect a sophisticated infrastruvcture - getting around can be slow, service is often slack nand quality food supplies are limited.

Tonga is a water lovers paradise with excellent snorkelling, whale watching and kayaking. It's also one of the best places in the South pacific to go island hopping and chilling out on an uninhabited coral atoll. Don't expect a lush tropical environment though or much to see on land - for this Fiji, Samoa and Tahiti are far better options. Culturally, the islands offer a real insight into traditional subsitance living although ascetically, villages are visually disappointing and dance performances not nearly as eye catching as its South Pacific neighbours.


Be sure to visit our detailed Tonga Travel Guide for a fuller picture of all destinations, or you can navigate to an island region using the map below:

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For discerning travellers, you will find our Ecotourism and Culture Guide full of interesting anecdotes on the unique culture and history plus ideas on how to maximise your experience of the country.

And for those looking for Adventure Activities, we provide detailed information on scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking, sailing, game fishing and hiking.

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